Breda, 01 December 2015
IZICO signs deal for the takeover of Danish Daloon A/S
On 30/11/2015 IZICO signed a deal for the takeover of the Danish company Daloon A/S. With the takeover IZICO, owner of the Beckers and Bicky brands, will be able to satisfy increased demand for Asian snacks, including spring rolls. The takeover will broaden their existing range of Meat-Free products and give IZICO the opportunity to continue developing the foreign market with product innovations using Daloon’s existing networks and vice versa. The takeover is to be submitted to the relevant competition authorities.


Daloon was founded in 1960 and sells its products across Europe, with a particular strength in the UK, Germany and Scandinavia. It also exports to France, Spain, Austria and Switzerland. Daloon’s core business lies in Asian ethnic snacks, such as spring rolls, and Meat-Free products, and currently produces a range of over 100 different varieties. Daloon also manufactures various Oriental snack specialities (including Chinese, Indian and Thai snacks) plus a selection of Danish specialities.


International partner
CEO Kamiel Steendijk claims that the takeover is a logical step in IZICO’s strategy. “By taking over Daloon we can position ourselves even more strongly as a partner in the snack market with the highest quality, offering both branded and private label products. Daloon’s international network also gives us the opportunity to continue developing the European market with our entire range.”


For the moment IZICO and Daloon will continue working side-by-side and taking advantage of each other’s strengths. Further opportunities for synergy will be considered in the longer term.


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IZICO, part of the investment group Egeria’s portfolio since May 2014, is focused on being “your favourite snacking company”. In the past IZICO operated under the names Beckers Benelux and Favory Snacks. Besides its own branded snacks IZICO also manufactures good quality Private Label snacks for the entire European market, aimed at the Retail, Foodservice and Industrial sectors. IZICO is one of the largest suppliers of frozen snacks, including frikandels (meat rolls), hamburgers, mini snacks, spring rolls and bread-based snacks. These products are all produced in the company’s own factories, located in Katwijk and Deurne in the Netherlands and Bocholt in Belgium.


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